Mankato Police say a 22-year-old woman is facing a misdemeanor property damage charge after a roommate situation that was already tense went completely south late last month.

Korlu Borsay and the victim have lived together for the past few years, but the complainant said things have been tense between them for about the past six months. The victim added that another roommate recently moved out because of the conflict.

Things appear to have reached a head when Borsay couldn’t find her car keys and blamed the roommate for taking them.

The victim says she heard banging in the kitchen after the disagreement and walked in to find Borsay pouring milk into her toaster and convection oven. The criminal complaint shows Borsay admitted to pouring milk, dried potatoes, and juice into the toaster and that she put milk, eggs, and salsa into the convection oven.

Borsay said she had enough and that she lost it.