The Saint Peter City Council will hold a goal session meting Monday and plan to discuss commercial creep.

Officials started to discuss the issue following approval of the new Dunkin’ Donuts on Highway 169 last year. The Council approved rezoning and demolishing the former Mary’s Flowers Site for the new development.

Community Development Director Russ Wille says there has been concern that the highway commercial development on the north and south side of town will continue to migrate. 

“Some council members felt it was important that we maintain that residential, historic downtown, residential, highway commercial rhythm as you come through the community. The other important part that they thought was to make sure that we preserve the residential setting of Minnesota Square Park.”

Some on the Council have indicated that the experience at the park and views of the area would be diminished if it were surround by convenience stores or strip malls.

“They’re talking about perhaps codifying some rules that dictate rezoning or redevelopment of those properties. Right now they’re zoned what we call residential professional office. There are opportunities to reuse some of those residential structures for commercial uses. Typically a licensed use, like a real estate, financial planner or even a hair dresser. But they’re not to change the residential appearance to the structure.”

But there are still no rules that prevent a property from being demolished and rebuilt.

“So, they’re talking about perhaps putting together some rules that would require a 4-12 roof pitch. If it’s a duplex, it’s loaded front and back so that there’s an appearance of a single family home. So, they’re gonna look at some of those rules. The planning commission has considered this, they thought things were kind of moving in the right direction. So now it will go to the council.”

The Council will dig deep into the issue starting at 3 p.m.