On the same day that a school shooting in Texas killed as many as ten people, Republican lawmakers joined Minnesota-based Safe Schools Safe Kids at the State Capitol for a demonstration of school safety items–including bullet-resistant windows designed to impede attacks.

Senator Eric Pratt of Prior Lake said, “I think it’s a sad comment that we’re doing this, but we’ve got to live in the reality of today. It’s not just, it could be…we’ve lived in a different world since 911.”

Representative Sarah Anderson of Plymouth added, “When I look at this product and it was first shown to me, I immediately thought of my son in his elementary school, and the sense of peace and knowing that he would be protected by something that he would not know what it was or that it was something that was meant to protect him.”

The retail cost for the vestibule project including the bullet-resistant glass is around $200,000 and Safe Schools Safe Kids officials said they’re looking into getting schools a discount.

Republicans this session have proposed bolstering school safety measures.

Democrats argue that universal background checks and other necessary gun reforms are missing from GOP school safety plans.