On the same day a Mankato man was charged with murder in a North Mankato woman’s overdose death, the Minnesota State Senate brought forward a bill to address the growing opioid crisis in the state.

Senator Nick Frentz said, “Senate file 730 has authors from both parties, that would raise fees to help combat the opioid crisis in our state.”

In testimony on the Senate floor, Frentz appealed to his colleagues to approve the bill, which would impose registration fees on prescription opioid manufacturers, with the goal of raising $20 million for addiction treatment programs.

“The people of Minnesota, many of them, identify this as the number one issue facing in our state, and by bringing this bill forward and asking these companies to help us solve this problem – not just by sitting around a table but with money — that’s the kind of leadership that the people of Minnesota sent us up here for,” he said.

The bill passed by an overwhelming 60 to 6 vote in the Senate, but faces an uncertain future in the House.

While North Mankato Police Lt. Nicole Adams said immediately following the arrest last week of 38-year old Otis Dear in the Fentanyl overdose death of a 29-year-old woman that the opioid epidemic has not yet spread to the Mankato metro, she added that it may only be a matter of time.