A 25-year-old Shakopee man is facing charges after Mankato Police say he drove around a construction barrier on Plum Street and got his SUV hung up on a manhole cover.

Investigators say Devonta Buggs admitted that he drove around the barricade and into the grass to get onto the closed street and also said the vehicle didn’t have any brakes.

He later changed his story and told police that “some girl” was driving the SUV. A witness identified Buggs as the driver, and that several people were helping him push the vehicle off the manhole cover.

While there were current tabs on the vehicle, the criminal complaint shows they were not for the SUV but a passenger car.

Buggs is charged with driving around a construction barricade, in an unregistered and uninsured vehicle, after his license was revoked.

Court records show that Buggs has been convicted of driving without a valid license 15 times.