Mankato Police have arrested three people after an unusual incident Saturday afternoon. Commander Dan Schisel said it started when an officer tried to stop a car for a traffic violation and the driver initially refused to pull over.

Left, driver Pilee Gatwach. Upper right, passenger Sebit Biel. Lower right, car owner Tatianna Schid.

Eventually, he said, “The vehicle came to a stop within a few blocks of the original location and the driver fled.”

The officer stayed with the vehicle and Schisel said she spoke to the passenger, Sebit Biel, who, “Couldn’t remember who the driver of this vehicle was, didn’t know who he was in the vehicle with.”

Investigators also spoke to the owner of the car Tatianna Schmid, and she claimed she, “Wasn’t sure who had the vehicle or who was allowed to use the vehicle.”

While police were still looking for the driver, Schisel said dispatch got a call from a homeowner about a person behaving suspiciously in their yard. “This individual was hiding by a woodpile. The individual was trying to change clothes,” he explained.

Preliminary charges against the driver, 19-year-old Pilee Gatwach of Mankato, include running from police in a vehicle, fleeing police on foot, marijuana possession, and driving after his license was revoked. Passenger Biel and car owner Schmid are charged helping Gatwach avoid arrest.