Sidewalk improvements at Veterans Memorial Park in Saint Peter came in nearly 9-thousand dollars over the bid amount as the City Council finalized the project on Monday night.

The additional cost was associated with improvements between Chatham Street and the City Pool, according to Public Works Director Pete Moulton.

“We upsized that concrete to accommodate the heavier trucks that come in for deliveries. We originally had 4-inch concrete in there, we didn’t catch that during the review and we made that change during the construction, which is the additional cost.”

All together, there was about 39-hundred feet of new concrete at the site after staff obtained an additional 340 feet of sidewalk to complete the perimeter around the park.

“We worked with OMG Midwest from Belle Plaine. This did take a rejection of the first initial bid, they were the second group to come in and be authorized to do the work. As you are aware, we did that with several alternates in the project, all of which were completed. This project is unique in the fact that city staff participated with restoration of the area as you can tell from the dirt and the sidewalk area there. It’s very well received, very busy down there.”

Crews also made ADA accessibility improvements as part of the 150-thousand 521 dollar project.