A raccoon that became an internet sensation by climbing a 25-story office tower in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, has been safely trapped and will be released.

Photo courtesy of Wildlife Management Services’ Facebook page.

Chelsey DeMers, assistant general manager of the company Wildlife Management Services, says the raccoon was caught in a live trap on top of the UBS Tower early Wednesday. She says it’s in good condition and is eating and that a company technician is expected to set the animal free later Wednesday at a site yet to be determined.

A post on the company’s Facebook page reads, “This little famous lady is safe and will be released by our technician today. All is well for the #MPRraccoon and we wanted to thank everyone for their concern and we are so proud to be a part of this journey!”

The raccoon’s adventures caused a stir on social media as it scaled the tower Tuesday, with many Twitter users voicing concern for its safety or joking about the drama as its climb was livestreamed.

Nearby Minnesota Public Radio, which followed its climb, branded it #mprraccoon.