Mankato Police have accused a Sleepy Eye woman of repeated thefts from area Walmart stores, to the tune of nearly $1,000 dollars.

The criminal complaint shows that surveillance video caught 26-year-old Ashley Roulet leaving the store in Mankato with a gas powered bike that she didn’t pay for, by checking out at the self-scanners but scanning just a tool bag she purchased. While the greeter asked to see the receipt when she left, investigators say Roulet and a man with her continued to push their way out of the door. The bike is valued at about $500.

During the investigation, police learned that surveillance video from the Walmart in New Ulm appeared to show that Roulet was an accomplice in the theft of electronics and other items back in January, and another, similar theft in February.

Court records show she was convicted in two theft cases in 2013. At the time of the Walmart thefts she was on probation for two counts of drug possession.