Do you give trick-or-treaters ONE piece of candy, or a handful?  Instacart just released its Halloween candy stats and looked at the states that had the biggest and smallest candy orders ahead of Halloween last year.

The states that placed the biggest candy orders in the lead-up to Halloween were:  Utah, Idaho, Alaska, Montana, and Washington.  The states with the smallest orders were:  North Carolina, Florida, New York, Iowa, and Connecticut.

They also looked at what specific candy each state loves more than other states:  Red Vines are popular out West . . . the Midwest is obsessed with Twizzlers . . . Swedish Fish are popular in New England . . .

And eight states love candy corn more than everyone else, but one state dominates.  Compared to the national average, people in MISSISSIPPI are almost twice as likely to buy candy corn.  (The other seven states are:  Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, and Tennessee.)

35% of Americans say they LOVE candy corn . . . 21% hate it . . . 41% said it’s just okay . . . and 3% of us have never tried it.

Here are a few more candies that specific states love:  Florida and Vermont buy a lot of York Peppermint Patties . . . Louisiana and South Carolina love Life Savers . . . and New Mexico buys the most Werther’s Originals per capita.

If you hand out Werther’s on Halloween, you’re officially 110 years old.