The Mankato Department of Public Safety continues to search for a 19-year-old woman who hasn’t been seen for more than a week.

Morgan Stolee is a student and her parents live in New Prague. Commander Dan Schisel said she lives with her brother in Mankato, and nobody has heard from her since February 7th . “This is not characteristic of her to leave and not tell anyone. She didn’t take any clothes with her, she is a college student and has not shown up for classes, she left work abruptly,” he said.

Schisel added that the story Stolee gave her boss before she left didn’t check out. “She told her manager that she needed to leave for a serious incident that had taken place,” he explained, “That incident didn’t take place, so there are just some strange circumstances in her abrupt departure from her employment.”

While there has been no activity on her bank accounts or social media pages, Schisel said activity on an electronic device did show up in McGregor, in northern Minnesota, the day after Stolee disappeared. He said, “There was an associated number that we were able to track down in that area in the early morning hours, hitting off of a tower there.”
A few tips have come in since the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension sent out an alert about Stolee’s disappearance, but Schisel said none of them have helped them find her so far.

Stolee may be traveling with Trevor Newman of Belle Plaine, whom Schisel said, “Does does have some minor contacts (with police), and he does have a warrant for his arrest.” The commander said the warrant has nothing to do with Stolee’s disappearance. He described Newmann as “possibly” her boyfriend. A check of Newman’s criminal record in Minnesota shows one conviction, for speeding in Scott County, but that he didn’t show up in court or pay fines and fees related to the ticket.

They are believed to be driving a dark purple Ford Fusion with Minnesota license plate 350-UXH.

Schisel added that if Stolee did decide to leave on her own, she’s not in any sort of trouble and, “She is an adult; we want to just make sure she is safe.

Anyone with more information is asked to dial 911.