Everyone’s stressed about the coronavirus right now, and all the rippling effects it’s had. But here’s a more general look at America’s stress levels. WalletHub just put out its annual list of the most stressed-out states in America. And they did factor in SOME coronavirus stats. But it’s not really a snapshot of today. If it was, New York would be a lot higher than 18th place.

Each year, they look at 41 different metrics across four categories: Health, money, work, and family-related stress. So everything from income and job security to divorce rates and childcare issues.

According to the results, Louisiana is the most stressed-out state in America again. It was also #1 last year and in 2018.  The ten most stressed-out states in 2020 are Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Arkansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma, and Alaska.

Minnesota is the most ZEN state again this year. The states with the lowest stress levels are: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Utah, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Colorado, Wisconsin and Maryland.

People in Alaska work the longest hours . . . Hawaii gets the fewest hours of sleep . . . Nevada has the highest divorce rate . . . and California has the least affordable housing. BOOM FACTS! Hahaha, back to your yoga mats you zen Minnesotans.

Stunt Monkey