Minnesotan’s can get REAL ID starting on October 1, have until 2020 to obtain

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Minnesotans can begin the process of obtaining a REAL ID compliant card on October 1, but Officials are stressing that residents have until 2020 to do so after the federal government granted an extension. "So nobody needs to come in on October 1. It would just be the folks that are renewing their license as part of their normal process, or maybe they've gotten a name change or have moved and need to update their address," says Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger. The extension means Minnesota residents can still use their standard license until October 1, 2020, [...]

Election officials reminding voters to update registration, critical for those voting absentee

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Election Officials are urging area residents to get a head start on preparing for the general election on November 6. Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger says voters should make sure their registration is current. "So if somebody has moved in the last couple of years, changed their name, or hasn't voted for a while or they are new to voting, we want to make sure that they get to MNvotes.org. That will get their status in place for anybody who wants to vote early by absentee, for anybody who wants to request us to mail them a ballot [...]

Blue Earth County to spend $1.6M over next three years to upgrade Tax System

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Blue Earth County is investing in a new Tax System that will cost a total of 1.6-million dollars over the next three years for services and software that Officials say will lead to savings due to functional efficiencies. Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger says the public will see the greatest benefit from the new tax system. Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger. "They'll be able to receive all of that information, still in a very nice concise format. Then it's also gonna really benefit our staff. We can look at our processes that we currently have in place [...]

Candidate filing starts on Tuesday, key positions to be on 2018 ballot

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Blue Earth County officials are in full election mode as the candidate filing period begins Tuesday and runs through June 5. Director of Taxpayer Services Michael Stalberger says the most important reminder is that candidates need to file in their county or city of residence. "We do have to have that affidavit either signed in front of us or it has to be notarized if somebody is completing the form outside of our elections office. It does cost money to file for office unless somebody's going to go through the petition process to have that fee waived. They also just need to make [...]

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