HWY 99 Minnesota River Bridge restoration complete, one of 24 bridge around state to see preservation

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The restoration of a historic gateway into the west part of Saint Peter is finalized as the community and MnDOT held a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the completion of the Highway 99 Minnesota River Bridge. "You know there's only about 200 bridges left in our system that are pre-1956. This is one of 24 bridges in the state that has been selected for preservation," said District 7 Engineer Greg Ous. "To be able to take that type of project on, it's different, it's new for us. It's not just run of the mill, the work that we do all the [...]

Black bears spotted near Amboy and Courtland, DNR believes bear range is moving southwest

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Another black bear was spotted in southern Minnesota over the weekend, this time near Courtland. Photo courtesy of the Minnesota DNR. According to the DNR bear sightings database, the black bear was seen at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday along the Minnesota River near Nicollet County Highway 24. Traditionally the primary bear range has been in northeast Minnesota, but Southern Region Information Officer Dan Ruiter says the DNR believes the range is moving more to the southwest. "Now if you take a look at the number of sightings in south-central Minnesota, you have the one by Sleepy Eye, one by [...]

North Mankato waiting to make a decision on how it will help fund flood control system fix

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North Mankato Officials say they are waiting to see how everything shakes out before determining how much money it will contribute to make repairs to the Minnesota River flood control system near Highway 169. The flawed portion of the levee system lies within the boundaries of Mankato and earlier this week the City Council approved contributing 1.6-million dollars to the 2.8-million dollar project. MnDOT will pay the remaining amount and says it is committed to working with both cities to make the levee permanent this summer. North Mankato Mayor Mark Dehen says there are many pieces in play and they are [...]

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