A Mom Attaches Money to Trash Around the House to See If Her Family Members Will Pick It Up and Notice…They Don’t

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If you live with MESSY PEOPLE, this is really going to resonate with you. A woman in Australia was sick of her family not picking up trash on the floor around their house. So she taped MONEY to an empty toilet paper roll and a piece of paper, put them face down, and waited to see if her family would find the money. And after six days, they still hadn't. Now her post on Facebook about her experiment is going viral.  (The post was in a closed Facebook group for Australian moms called Mums Who Clean.)   (Here's a photo.)   SOURCE: Daily Mail

A Mom Scares Her Kids with the “Scissors Through Fake Tongue” Trick

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As a child, I'd probably kick my mom non-stop after she did this to me... A mom in Arkport, New York scared her kids by making them think a pair of scissors had pierced all the way through her tongue.  She used a fake tongue, but her son and daughter didn't know that. When they got home from school, she was on the floor moaning in pain.  And then she let them scream and cry for about 25 seconds before revealing the prank.  Her daughter was so mad she dropped an F-bomb. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aooCo7JAsn8&feature=youtu.be&has_verified=1   SOURCE: VIRALHOG   Cari

New York Giants Rookie Shocks Mom with New Car

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New York Giants rookie Deandre Baker recently surprised his mom with a brand new Bentley. Obviously, she was stoked. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzMBwmehg-A/ Baker was the 30th pick of the NFL Draft and played cornerback at the University of Georgia.

This Mom Accidentally Wore a Kid’s Car Seat Cover as a Skirt!

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...and now she is my new personal hero! This has to be either a fashion faux pas or genius marketing in the making because a mom's fashion fail is going viral after she wore her kid's car seat cover as a skirt. In the post below, you can see the mom wearing the cover as a skirt, but apparently the car seat cover is a 4-in-1 product that also has use as a breastfeeding cover, car seat canopy, cart cover and scarf. I think she definitely found a fifth use for the cover, because even the company that makes the cover is [...]

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