HELP this Man Find a Girlfriend

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The dating world is rough and if you've been using dating apps for a while with no real luck, you know how FRUSTRATING they can be. Well, here's a guy who has finally had enough, so he's trying a VERY different route. He's a 47-year-old guy named Jeff Gebhart who lives near Kansas City, Kansas. And he's offering $25,000 to anyone who finds him a girlfriend. He put up a website called with a video and some info about him. He's a successful entrepreneur, he's in really good shape, and he's been in a lot of long-term relationships . . [...]

Dealbreakers That Would Make Us Turn Down a Job

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The job market is rough and no one wants to turn down a job, leaving the only main reason someone would is over MONEY. I get it, no one is doing this for free and there are things that can go wrong in the job application, interviewing, and offer a process that can make us say, "Naw, I'm good." Here are the seven dealbreakers that would make us turn down a job, according to a new survey . . . 1. Inappropriate interview questions. 2. Unrealistic job or skill requirements. 3. A job ad that misrepresented the duties. 4. Aggressive behavior [...]

Kraft Will Reimburse You If You Hire a Babysitter on Mother’s Day

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This might be the best thing Kraft has done for parents since they invented Easy Mac! Kraft just announced that they're going to pay for your babysitter on Mother's Day, so you can get some time to relax. They'll reimburse you up to $100 if you submit your receipt for the babysitter you hire on Sunday at There's a catch, though:  They're only reimbursing a total of $50,000, which is only 500 moms' worth of $100 babysitting, so send in your receipt QUICK. SOURCE: BRAND EATING

Four art projects in the works for North Mankato as part of public art initiative

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An initiative for more public art and placemaking projects in North Mankato is taking shape through a partnership with Twin Rivers Council for the Arts. Both entities entered into a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday night for Twin Rivers to handle the contracts for specific projects. The City committed 5-thousand dollars for the first phase of the initiative to cover the cost of up to five projects, along with a 500-dollar consulting fee to Twin Rivers. Executive Director Noelle Lawton says they identified four projects.  "One would be a public mural on a private building in downtown North Mankato. The other [...]

Authorities looking for suspect involved in robbery of Carl’s Corner in Essig on Wednesday

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Authorities report Carl's Corner in Essig was burglarized in the early morning hours on Wednesday, with the suspect making off with various items. The Brown County Sheriff's Office reports around 3:36 a.m., it received a report of an alarm and burglary in progress at the restaurant. The suspect or suspects reportedly forced entry into the building and took cash from a gambling box along with three bottles of Bacardi Rum. When deputies arrived the unknown person or persons were no longer at the scene. The Sheriff's Office later received a report of a laser level being stolen from a semi parked [...]

Mankato Council looking into possibility of expanding Eide Bailly parking ramp

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The Mankato City Council Monday night weighed the opportunity and costs of expanding the downtown Eide Bailly Parking ramp for about 16-thousand 200 dollars a stall. To pull off the expansion, footings would need to be installed to allow for an additional level to be constructed on the ramp. The footings carry a price tag between 85-thousand and 135-thousand dollars. Officials estimate the addition of 50 new parking stalls would be approximately 800-thousand dollars. "We did approach this from the standpoint of what would be the cost and how would we finance property owners interest in expanding it," says Mankato City [...]

Pile It On takes in big donations during Fun Days Parade

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The organizers of Pile it On collected over 2-thousand pounds of non-perishable food items and 2-thousand 446 dollars for the ECHO Food Shelf on Saturday during the North Mankato Fun Days Parade. Members of the ECHO Food Shelf Board, Radio Mankato staff, Snell Motors, KEYC-TV and Target collected the donations during the parade. Mayflower also provided additional support. Pile it On started in 1993 and has collected over 79-thousand pounds of food and over 52-thousand dollars during that time.

Daycare provider in Good Thunder receives first forgivable loan from new Blue Earth County program

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The first amount of money has been doled out from the new Childcare Forgivable Loan Program in Blue Earth County that is available for both in-home daycare and center-based childcare within small cities under 5-thousand people. Blue Earth County is using the Small City Revolving Loan Fund to provide the loans, according to County Administrator Bob Meyer. "That Small City Revolving Loan Fund has been used to provided loans to businesses that want to set up within small cities. As that's occurred over the last 30 or 40 years, that fund has developed with the repayments and the interest that's been collected." [...]

Saint Peter grants six-month lease extension to Mankato Clinic at location on River’s Edge campus

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The Saint Peter City Council has signed off on a recommendation from the River's Edge Hospital Commission to extend the lease for the Mankato Clinic, which uses neighboring space on the campus. The current lease for the Dermatology Clinic was set to expire next month, but a six-month extension was approved to allow the Mankato Clinic time to consider its options.  City Administrator Todd Prafke says the Mankato Clinic has a growing presence within Saint Peter. "Certainly the amount of procedures and other things that they do at the hospital has been growing. So the goal of this additional six months [...]

Educare awards $92,000 in grants for programs and initiatives in the Mankato School District

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Over 92-thousand dollars in grant money is being awarded to Mankato Area Public Schools with the intent to support innovative learning. Educare Foundation made the award announcement on Friday for the 2018-2019 school year that includes five different initiatives. Nearly 29-thousand dollars will go towards the Electronic Instrument Ensemble at West High School, 10-thousand dollars for Project Lead the Way at East and West High Schools, over 32-thousand dollars for Heart Zone Systems, almost 4-thousand dollars for vinyl cutters at both schools and 17-thousand dollars for 3D printers and pens for makerspaces. The grants will be awarded on May 18 at [...]

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