The Age You Discover Your Favorite Band

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We're going to play the music you were listening to in the 7th Grade, would you be embarrassed or would it be some of the same music you're listening to now? The ticketing company TickPick conducted a survey involving over 1,000 people, and they asked when people first heard their all-time favorite band. And the average answer was 13 years old or roughly seventh grade. Coincidentally, the average age that people said they were first exposed to EXPLICIT music was 12 and a half. I believe our taste in music changes, our favorite genre at 13 might not be the same [...]

Elton John Played an Hour and a Half with Walking Pneumonia

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When you're 72 years old and the doctor tells you that you've got walking pneumonia, you stay home, right? Not ELTON JOHN. Young up and coming artist, please take note! Fans understand that you get sick, but many of do our jobs sick and tired. I'm not saying you have to go out and perform, but maybe give it a try. Elton John had a show to do in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday, and he was determined to go through with it. And he was on his game. At least initially. Sadly, things started going downhill. About an hour and [...]

Music Each Day for Your Mental Health

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From the file of things we already knew... You should listen to music every day and according to a new study, you should listen to 78 minutes of it every day! My favorite part of the job is the music, how it can affect your mood, bring us up, pump us up,  or set the mood are all reasons to love music. SO 78 minutes is the amount recommended by the British Academy of Sound Therapy for maintaining good mental health, but you can't just listen to one specific type of music. There's actually a formula. You need: 14 minutes of [...]

Business on Belgrade celebrates 10 years of Blues on Belgrade festival this Saturday

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It’s been ten years since the Business on Belgrade Association started Blues on Belgrade, an event that has become a big draw for music lovers and a way to attract business to downtown North Mankato. Jim Whitlock with Business on Belgrade says the inspiration behind starting the Association in 2004 was a 40-percent vacancy rate of storefronts in the business district. "I coined the phrase, it was turning into rats and weeds down there and that's not what I wanted," said Whitlock. "What I did was, I just went into every business and introduced myself and just said, after explaining what [...]

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