Oreo Has Five New Flavors Coming out This Summer

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Oreo just announced all the new flavors they're rolling out this summer to keep you constantly eating cookies.  Check 'em out:   1.  S'mores Oreos are hitting stores now.  They have a graham cracker-flavored cookie and two layers of cream, one marshmallow, one chocolate.   2.  Latte Thins are coming in June.  They're thin chocolate cookies with coffee-flavored cream in between.  And these aren't limited edition . . . Oreo says they're permanent.   3.  Marshmallow Moon Oreos are coming in mid-June.  These are basically regular Oreos, but they have a moon design on the cookies to celebrate the 50th anniversary [...]

New Food Roundup: Nickelodeon Slime Ice Cream, Twinkie Pudding, Starbucks’ New Pink Drink, and Cupcake Pop-Tarts

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There's so much unhealthy, delicious, processed food coming out that I'm afraid Americans might start getting chubby.  Check all this out...   1.  Nickelodeon Slime ICE CREAM and popsicles are now available at Walmart.  What does slime taste like?  Apparently like lemon-lime.   2.  Hostess is coming out with "dessert kits" where you can put together your own parfaits using TWINKIE PUDDING.  They also have Ding Dong pudding kits.  There's no word when these will go nationwide.   3.  Starbucks just added a new item to its permanent menu called Dragon Drink.  It's bright pink and a mix of mango and [...]

Mankato YMCA holds community meeting to talk about a new eastside facility

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Nearly 100 community leaders gathered on Thursday morning to talk about the future of a new YMCA on the eastside of Mankato. YMCA Resource Director for the State of Minnesota Mark Hennessy says they are still in the pre-planning stage. "Before a lot of money is spent on additional studies and assessments, we wanna gather as much information and really define the community needs in a very thoughtful way. So that we're building the right thing." The organization assembled a group of community leaders to give opinion, find needs and gather information to help make good decisions on a new facility. [...]

Blue Earth County to spend $1.6M over next three years to upgrade Tax System

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Blue Earth County is investing in a new Tax System that will cost a total of 1.6-million dollars over the next three years for services and software that Officials say will lead to savings due to functional efficiencies. Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger says the public will see the greatest benefit from the new tax system. Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger. "They'll be able to receive all of that information, still in a very nice concise format. Then it's also gonna really benefit our staff. We can look at our processes that we currently have in place [...]

Companies propose immigration detention centers for Midwest

By |2018-05-13T11:21:04-05:00May 13th, 2018|

Records show that companies and local governments have proposed building new immigration detention centers in Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois and Indiana in response to a request from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The proposals are preliminary and mostly from for-profit corrections companies. They were submitted after ICE put out a request in October for detention sites in the region as it steps up arrests in the center of the country. ICE disclosed the proposals in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The proposals include a 640-bed detention center in Pine Island, Minnesota, and an 800-bed facility outside Chicago in rural Newton [...]

Bids going out for new Bluff Park Overlook in North Mankato

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Bids are being sent out for an estimated 85-thousand dollar project to reconstruct the overlook at Bluff Park in North Mankato. Key features for the project include new ironwood decking and railing, two information panels and an ADA access between the path and overlook. City Engineer Dan Sarff says a unique feature of the overlook is that it will incorporate three existing trees. "A ten inch oak, a thirty inch oak and a twenty-four inch basswood. There's benches that would be located adjacent to the trees as well as along the inside portion of the rail. Kind of envision this as [...]

Swanson leaving North Mankato for Public Works position in Mankato

By |2018-03-20T13:47:01-05:00March 20th, 2018|

After spending the past two decades as North Mankato's Public Works Director, Brad Swanson is leaving his position for a job across the river. Swanson has been named Deputy Public Works Director for the City of Mankato. Brad Swanson. "It's been an honor and a privilege to serve the City of North Mankato and its residents. Just in so many different facets and capacity. I really appreciate working with all of the residents and all of my coworkers. We have a fantastic staff and they will certainly be missed." Swanson started his career in North Mankato as an Assistant [...]

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