GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: 11-year-old Oklahoma Boy Honored After Saving Classmate From Choking, Rescuing Woman From Fire

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11 year-old Davyon Johnson, of Oklahoma, recently received a hero's reward from the Muskogee Police Department. He saved a choking classmate with the Heimlich maneuver and then helped a woman escape from a fire in her home. Johnson's principal, Latrisha Dawkins, says, "He has always indicated that he wants to be an EMT. So he got to put that desire into action and immediately saved that young man.",honor%20member%20of%20their%20force.

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: Retired Couple Recreates Their Friends’ Christmas Card Photo Every Year – By Posing in Place of Their Young Children

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A retired couple amusingly recreate their friends’ Christmas card photo every year—by posing in place of their young children. 68-year-old Carol and 72-year-old Michael Whalen started the tradition after receiving a greetings card showing their pals’ then one-year-old son in his toy car. They have been remaking Ryan and Samantha Dominik’s cards ever since, now featuring two adorable tots of five and two. Michael said, “My wife and I received the original Christmas card, they had taken their son out to get a Christmas tree. “My wife was looking at it she said you know we ought to replicate it—she has [...]

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: WKU Students Raise More Than $13,000 For Liquor Store Leveled By Tornado

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A liquor store in Bowling Green, Kentucky got flattened by a tornado last week.  It's where a lot of students at Western Kentucky University stock up for parties.  So the students started a GoFundMe to help rebuild, and have now raised over $14,000.  The owner says he tries to treat customers like family.  Now they're doing the same for him.

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: Couple Gives Two-Hundred-Dollar Tips To Area Servers

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It's not clear where this happened, but there's a video making the rounds of a couple who drove around to different bars and restaurants in their area, and handed out $200 tips for the holidays.  We counted 10 stops, so $2,000 total.  They said they raised the money on social media.   SOURCE: YOUTUBE

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: A Woman Broke The Record For Largest Collection of Christmas Ornaments

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A woman in the U.K. set a new world record for the largest collection of Christmas ornaments.  She started collecting them in 1999, and now has 1,760 different ornaments.  She hopes to break 2,000 in the next year or two.   SOURCE: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: Cryptocurrency Charity Donates $50K To Newtown Animal Sanctuary Named After Sandy Hook Victim

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A crypto charity called Pawthereum just donated $50,000 to an animal shelter in Newtown, Connecticut that's named after one of the kids who died in the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.  The name of the shelter is the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary.  They did it for the 9th anniversary of the shooting on Tuesday.   SOURCE: NEWSTIMES

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: Dogs And Inmates Getting A New Leash On Life

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One year ago, a county jail in Utah started letting inmates spend time with unadoptable dogs and train them, and it's been a huge success.  28 dogs have gone through the program, and every one came out of it ready to be adopted.  Seven got adopted by inmates after they got released from jail.  There were even a few cases where the prison guards used their own money to help with the adoption fees.   SOURCE: HERALD EXTRA

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: Mom Meets 911 Operator Who Helped Deliver Her Baby

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A woman in Philadelphia named Charlotte Fatoma tried to drive herself to the hospital when she went into labor last month, but had the baby in her car on the side of the road.  And yesterday, she got to meet the 911 operator who talked her through it. The operator's name is Elyce Rivera, and she'd only been on the job for a month.  When they finally met, Charlotte revealed that she named her daughter Elizabeth Elyce in her honor.  She also asked her to be the kid's godmother.   SOURCE: TODAY

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: 11-Year-Old Saves Siblings From Clarksville House Fire

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An 11-year-old in Tennessee saved all four of his siblings from a house fire last week.  Their mom was down the street letting their grandparents' dog out when the fire started.  So he took charge and got three of them out, then ran back in to rescue his two-year-old brother. “All you could see was just smoke coming out,” her oldest son recalled. “My mom and dad told us, if there was a fire, to grab everyone and run out of the house and call 911.” “There was a fire in the kitchen,” Brody said Thursday, standing on his front porch. “I was [...]

GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: New Eye Drops Could Replace Reading Glasses

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The FDA has officially approved eye drops that alter your pupil in such a way that you won't need reading glasses for up to ten hours.  It's called VUITY and here is Dr. Roberto Saenz explaining what it's all about.   SOURCE: NY POST

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