There is a Shortage of Dish Soap, Consumers Everywhere Up in Arms

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Just kidding, other than people being slightly inconvenienced, there have been no reports of any real protests on this issue. Walmart has started posting signs however, that there is a supply shortage of dish soap which could remain off the shelves for weeks to come. Popular dish soap brands Dawn and Gain, are owned by a company called Procter & Gamble who has released a statement saying "We're aware that some P&G hand dish products may be harder to find at the moment. For a brief period, demand exceeded what we were able to supply, but this was temporary. We apologize [...]

North Kato looks at future of CIP projects, eyeing improvements at Benson and Caswell parks

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As North Mankato focuses on prioritizing projects in the 2019 budget, Officials are also laying out plans in the long-term Capital Investment Plan. The City sets aside 2-million dollars annually for equipment replacement, road repairs, facilities improvements and parks projects in the CIP. Mayor Mark Dehen says his number one priority in the CIP would be building a new shelter and restrooms at Benson Park. "I think that would make that park a lot more usable for the citizens and for events and those types of things. I think the other one that I'm seeing that is a new one that [...]

MnDOT to finish Highway 14 project between Mankato and North Mankato next week

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MnDOT is preparing for a weeks worth of finishing work on Highway 14 between Mankato and North Mankato starting on Monday. While most of the work is nearly complete on the stretch of Highway 14 between Lookout Drive and Highway 22, additional work to repair the shoulders will take place Tuesday through Thursday, according to Public Affairs Coordinator Rebecca Arndt. "We actually made a change in the contract, we think it will help with water ponding in the area. So, we're gonna kind of shave those down. So just a lane restriction, they'll still be able to get through. On Thursday [...]

Work to begin on environmental impact statement for Xcel transmission line project, public meetings to be held this winter

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The Minnesota Department of Commerce has given the green light for Xcel Energy to continue the next phase of the Huntley-Wilmarth Transmission Line project to analyze the scope by preparing the environmental impact statement. The draft statement will be published in December and will include comments from the public that were gathered in June, according to Project Manager Grant Stevenson. "The State will host additional meetings. In late January they'll have a meeting focused just on the environmental impact statement, it gives the public an opportunity to tell the State how thorough a job they think they did and if any corrections [...]

North Mankato proposing $993,000 budget increase, slight decrease in tax rate for 2019

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North Mankato Council members poured over the meat and potatoes of the preliminary budget for 2019 on Tuesday night, with a proposed 4-percent spending increase. Staff is proposing an increase of nearly 993-thousand dollars, which increases the budget to approximately 23.8-million dollars next year. Some of the increases stem from an anticipated 7-percent rate hike for health insurance in 2019, a 50-thousand dollar increase to fund projects in the parks plan, 20-thousand dollars more to address pavement projects and 250-thousand dollars for facilities replacement.  City Administrator John Harrenstein says they arrived at the funding for buildings after making other improvements over [...]

Four art projects in the works for North Mankato as part of public art initiative

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An initiative for more public art and placemaking projects in North Mankato is taking shape through a partnership with Twin Rivers Council for the Arts. Both entities entered into a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday night for Twin Rivers to handle the contracts for specific projects. The City committed 5-thousand dollars for the first phase of the initiative to cover the cost of up to five projects, along with a 500-dollar consulting fee to Twin Rivers. Executive Director Noelle Lawton says they identified four projects.  "One would be a public mural on a private building in downtown North Mankato. The other [...]

Mankato expands three bus routes with all-day service now in North Mankato, Sunday service in Eagle Lake

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The City of Mankato has officially expanded three of its bus routes, which is aimed at providing more reliable service for area commuters. Superintendent of Transit Craig Rempp says one of the major changes is to Route 5 in North Mankato that will now provide all-day service from 6:35 a.m. until 5:35 p.m. "We combined the old Route 4 and old Route 5 together. There used to be breaks in the middle of the day with no service. With the new service on that route, we have non-stop service from 9:35 a.m. to 5:35 p.m., Monday through Friday." After receiving special [...]

Fallenstein Playground opens, Organizers attribute support from community to pull off $600,000 project

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A new inclusive playground with equipment and a design for children of all abilities is now in operation in the Metro. Officials broke ground last fall on the 600-thousand dollar Fallenstein Playground at Caswell Park in North Mankato, which is located next to the Miracle League's Fallenstein Field. Much of the work was completed in July by the way of volunteers through a community build.  Miracle League Board President Wilbur Neushwander-Frink says so many hands went into pulling off the project. "We had children raising money for us, so just all kinds of people gave to the playground. We have pages [...]

Port Authority approves loan to NextGen RF Design for assistance in relocating to North Mankato

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A radio frequency research and product development company based in Waseca is moving to North Mankato and the business says it will open doors for new opportunities. The North Mankato Port Authority approved a business subsidy loan of 300-thousand dollars on Monday night to NextGen RF Design, Inc. Members approved the loan to be repaid over 15-years with an interest rate of 4-percent. Equity and bank loans will help cover the rest of the project, which is estimated at 1.3-million dollars to purchase the building at 2130 Howard Drive and make necessary improvements. CEO Luke Tholen says they plan to move [...]

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