North Mankato continues to ponder how to handle AirBnb rentals

By |2018-07-25T22:07:03-05:00July 25th, 2018|

North Mankato is working to get ahead of the curve on new short-term rentals, like AirBnb, with a new ordinance being drafted on current rental property regulations and inspection guidelines. Community Development Director Mike Fisher says they looked at what other communities around the state are doing and learned that everyone is different. "Basically there's three ways you can do it, you can permit them with no restrictions, you can permit them with restrictions or you could simply not permit them. Again, Staff believes they serve a purpose. But right now we don't even have a mechanism to know where they [...]

North Mankato review backs rental cap in single-family housing districts

By |2018-06-20T14:51:27-05:00June 20th, 2018|

Feedback from the North Mankato Rental Density Advisory Group has reaffirmed a 10-percent cap on rentals in areas zoned for single-family and duplex homes. The Council has received recommendations from the group that oversaw aspects of the ordinance that was put into place in September of 2016. Some of the priorities included enforcing off-street parking, ensuring rentals underwent inspections and that rental strikes and complaints were addressed. City Administrator John Harrenstein says they are seeing the rental density regulations work as they were intended to because they were limited to single-family housing districts. North Mankato City Administrator John Harrenstein. [...]

ACLU: Minnesota city rental ordinance is discriminatory

By |2018-06-13T14:06:02-05:00June 13th, 2018|

The American Civil Liberties Union has sued the southern Minnesota city of Faribault, alleging a local rental licensing ordinance aims to drive minorities out of town. The Minnesota chapter of the ACLU filed the lawsuit Wednesday. It says the ordinance is unconstitutional and violates the Fair Housing Act. The ordinance requires landlords to do criminal background checks and limits the number of family members who can live in a rental property. The ACLU says the requirements disproportionately affect black residents, who are arrested at a higher rate than whites, and Somali-Americans. In one case, a Somali mother was ordered evicted shortly [...]

Saint Peter joins eight other Minnesota cities to pass Tobacco 21 ordinance

By |2018-05-30T11:50:41-05:00May 30th, 2018|

Saint Peter has joined the growing list of Minnesota cities to pass Tobacco 21 regulations. In front of a packed meeting with interested residents, the City Council approved raising the purchasing age from 18 to 21 on a 4-3 vote. It comes a month after the Council tied on a 3-3 vote, with the deciding vote coming from council member Susan Carlin.   "When we first started discussing this issue, I wasn't convinced that this was a very meaningful idea," said Carlin. "But as I heard more and more about the access that younger children have, those 14 to 17-year olds, and how [...]

Tobacco 21: North Mankato to take up vote on February 5

By |2018-01-17T14:42:00-06:00January 17th, 2018|

The North Mankato council heard 30 minutes of testimony on Tuesday night on the issue of raising the purchasing age for tobacco from 18 to 21. In a packed city hall that included doctors, students, those from the businesses community and residents with shirts that read 'Tobacco 21, the majority of citizens who spoke were in favor of the new proposed regulation. "I have seen many of my classmates at my school, smoking in the bathroom," said Emily Landgraff a student at Dakota Meadows Middle School. Adding,"This policy would make it harder for my classmates to get access to tobacco. The [...]

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