TRENDING: Parents Punish Their Teenager by Taking Over Her Social Media and Now They’re Going Viral

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I LOVE these parents!!! A couple in Denton, Texas found out earlier this month that their 15-year-old daughter had helped some boys sneak into a sleepover, so they gave her two choices for a punishment: They'd take away her phone for a month . . . or they'd take away her phone for two weeks, but they'd take control of her social media. She chose option B.  Maybe she should've chosen option A. The parents are Tawnya Ford and Larry Sumpter, and since they've taken over their daughter Madelynn's phone, they've posted all over TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. And they've posted [...]

Authorities looking for missing South Carolina child that may be in Minnesota

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The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is asking for the public's assistance to locate a missing 2-year old child from Camden, South Carolina, that may be in Minnesota. According to the report, Dakota Ray was last seen on April 15 after being taken by her parents, 44-year old William Ray and 36-year old Jessica Ray. Authorities say the parents are believed to be heavy methamphetamine users and law enforcement are concerned about the child's wellbeing. Information shows that the individuals were at a gas station in Marshall on Monday and may still be in Minnesota. Surveillance images captured the [...]

Mankato Schools Superintendent: “we continue to work hard to look at safety”

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The issue of school safety has been on the minds of some families and officials in the Mankato Metro after last weeks shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. ISD77 Superintendent Sheri Allen says she has received phone calls from concerned residents following the incident that killed 17 students and faculty. "Unfortunately, the times are where they're at. We need to continue to work to keep our schools as safe as possible. I can't imagine that school community and the tragedy. You know, our students are amazing, they have great voices and perspectives. We continue to work hard to look at [...]

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