New downtown daycare to open in spring of 2019, 160 slots for children

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A new daycare in downtown Mankato is receiving funds from the City to meet childcare needs and create new jobs. A request by Candice Deal-Bartell for a 125-thousand dollar loan from the Economic Development Authority has been approved for Cultivate Mankato, LLC at the corner of Main Street and Broad Street. City Manager Pat Hentges says the daycare has the potential of 160-slots for children.  "It's a well-needed crisis, you know as people are aware, for example, people may be paying upwards to for two children $1,600 a month for daycare, if they're a working couple. It's a crisis in greater [...]

Mankato deer hunt regulations undergo changes, addresses concern over deer stands

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Mankato's annual deer hunt is undergoing some policy changes to expand and clarify rules. City Manager Pat Hentges says constituents brought issues to the council and it became evident that some practices needed to be clearer. Totals of deer taken during the annual hunt in Mankato. "We tried to gather as much input to really address some of the concerns about, you know, having deer stands adjacent to a property owner that did not want to have a deer stand in their vicinity, because knowingly if a deer is shot, it will move some distance." The city hunt began [...]

Mankato city officials continue to push river connection

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With the Minnesota River flooding more frequently, a city's attempt to connect residents to the water through riverfront parks and trails has become increasingly messy and expensive. With high water like the flooding this summer in Mankato dumps silt and driftwood on trails, campsites and recreational areas. Flood water can lead to damaged electrical hook-ups at RV sites, contaminated soccer fields, unsafe bike paths and washed out fencing in the city's park. Mankato City Manager, Pat Hentges. City Manager Pat Hentges says he doesn't have interest in abandoning the most flood-prone portions of the city's park system. The city [...]

Mankato to take over management of civic center, will save city around $200,000

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The City of Mankato is in the process of taking over management of the Verizon Center, a shift from years of private management of the City owned facility. Over the last 25-years, management of the civic center has transitioned from Ogden & Company to IM Marketing, with Burt Lyman serving as the executive director of the civic center. The City's contract with Lyman is set to come to end in 2019 and his stint as the director came to an end earlier this month after his announced retirement.  City Manager Pat Hentges says taking over management of the facility will save [...]

Mankato Council looking into possibility of expanding Eide Bailly parking ramp

By |2018-07-10T12:02:53-05:00July 10th, 2018|

The Mankato City Council Monday night weighed the opportunity and costs of expanding the downtown Eide Bailly Parking ramp for about 16-thousand 200 dollars a stall. To pull off the expansion, footings would need to be installed to allow for an additional level to be constructed on the ramp. The footings carry a price tag between 85-thousand and 135-thousand dollars. Officials estimate the addition of 50 new parking stalls would be approximately 800-thousand dollars. "We did approach this from the standpoint of what would be the cost and how would we finance property owners interest in expanding it," says Mankato City [...]

Updated Vetter Stone Amphitheater to be ready for the first show of the season on Friday

By |2018-06-13T14:59:33-05:00June 13th, 2018|

A new layout and amenities will greet music fans this Friday for the first show of the season at Vetter Stone Amphitheater in Mankato. This spring the site has undergone 365-thousand dollars worth of construction for new tiers of concrete seating, which will increase the capacity to 3-thousand 400. Progress on the project has been slowed by wet weather, but City Manager Pat Hentges says the venue will be ready for the Three Dog Night concert. "It's very much like Franklin Rogers Field. Yeah, we were maybe rolling up a few extension cords and doing some final touches the day of [...]

Hentges says Franklin Rogers Park renovation should be done by MoonDogs home opener

By |2018-04-12T15:08:58-05:00April 12th, 2018|

The nearly 3.2-million dollar renovation of Franklin Rogers Park is coming together, but just in the nick of time for the Mankato MoonDogs season. Major upgrades include new dugouts, locker room, expanded concessions and new seating on a berm located down the right field line. The last piece of the project will be installing the turf playing surface, according to Mankato City Manager Pat Hentges. "Everything is prepped for the artificial surface, but it'll take them a couple of weeks to get it in. But, it's going to be tight. I don't foresee us, with the weather conditions the way it [...]

Former public works site to become affordable and supportive housing and a daycare

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The City of Mankato has approved a $23 million redevelopment of a property which was once home to city public works. The now-vacant land will become home to affordable housing, a complex focused on families at risk of homelessness, and a daycare. City Manager Pat Hentges will negotiate the deal and is expected to come back before the city council with a final contract by early summer. "We have given one whole year to allow for construction to start and to have the second part of the project make application for financing. The third part of the project may be out [...]

Hoffner calls for collaboration and investment to fix Blakeslee Stadium

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Sports advocates in the Mankato metro lobbied for the extension of the half-cent sales tax in 2016 with the idea that movement would be made on new facilities, but one coach is looking for the ball to start rolling on fixing Blakeslee Stadium, one of Mankato's oldest existing facilities. MSU Head Football Coach Todd Hoffner. In a tweet to KTOE News, Minnesota State University Head Football Coach Todd Hoffner suggested the idea of a new municipal football stadium. "This city and the greater metro that we're classified as in Mankato, it deserves a sheet of turf for sure and [...]

Leftover Adams Street extension money could aid in addressing roundabout issues

By |2018-01-16T16:50:21-06:00January 16th, 2018|

After early work on the Adams Street extension project came in under budget, Mankato Officials say extra money on the table will allow them to address roundabout issues at the intersection with County Road 12. However, City Manager Pat Hentges says they won't be able to utilize the Federal and State funding that was leftover. Mankato City Manager, Pat Hentges. "But we can and we have some money left on the table. We will be coming back with the Council and the County to talk about that roundabout and we should be able to move forward on that. I think [...]

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