County attorney urges rideshare users to take precautions after South Carolina student’s murder

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A man is charged with kidnapping and killing a South Carolina college student who police say mistakenly got into his car, and the Blue Earth County Attorney is asking people who use rideshare services to take precautions. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott. Prosecutor Pat McDermott said, "If it's a licensed rideshare individual, they will know them by name; they should know their license plate number; they should know the vehicle description. It's easy just to make sure that those types of things match so you are getting into the correct vehicle." "They send you a picture of the [...]

Mankato Child Advocacy Center to move into permanent location at Eastridge Clinic by November

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Officials have the core services of a Child Advocacy Center in Mankato up and running, but are aiming to open a stable facility at the Mayo Eastridge Clinic in October or November that will enhance services. The Clinic recently underwent a remodel and has donated three rooms to the Advocacy Center, according to Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott. "We're hopeful that maybe we'll outgrow that space within a few years because there's other things that you can do. Whether it's child neglect, whether it is that aging population. You know, the state demographer will say the age of somebody 85 [...]

Child Advocacy Center in Blue Earth County to open doors within the next two months

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Officials continue to look at ways to improve child safety in the Mankato metro with work on a Child Advocacy Center that is expected to be in full operation this year, which aims to improve efficiency during child abuse investigations. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says a partnership with Mayo Clinic Health System has helped avoid shuffling victims of abuse from agency to agency. "So it's about providing these services, making sure that these kids are dealt with and their issues are dealt with. Because if we don't deal with them today, they're gonna manifest into something that's going to [...]

Methamphetamine cases up from 2017, County Attorney says it remains the drug of choice in the area

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As Mankato grows, so do drug crimes. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says methamphetamine continues to be the drug of choice in the area. "We don't see the labs anymore. But the issue is supply and demand. You can go back to fifteen years ago and a pound of meth might cost ten twelve-thousand dollars. Today, because it's flooded in the market with the cartel coming up from Mexico and other areas, that same pound of meth will cost maybe two, three-thousand dollars on the street. So, it's readily available." Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott Data from the [...]

County Attorney: Winter weather has helped cut down on Felony cases in 2018

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The latest stats show that Felony crime is down in Blue Earth County so far in 2018, with a total of 160 case filings. County Attorney Pat McDermott says projections for criminal fillings are in-line or a little bit below previous years. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott "It's been a long, long winter and we've had a lot of snow and a lot of snow. That kind of cuts down on the outside activities. It's typically when spring gets here our numbers will go up. Our numbers go up in the summer time. We have our ebbs and [...]

McDermott urging residents to put the phone down during Distracted Driving Awareness Month

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month and Officials say the issue is contributing to more deaths on roadways. One out of four crashes in Minnesota involves distracted driving, according to Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott "It really doesn't take much. If you stop and think about it, to put things into perspective, if an individual would reach down to the heat control or the glove bock or look at their phone for five seconds or less, it doesn't take long, if you're driving 55 miles per hour down the road and you [...]

Blue Earth County Attorney warns residents and businesses that scams could get worse

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With increased reports around the listening area of fake checks and phony money turning up at local businesses, Officials say advancements in technology have made the scams easier to pull off. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says the issue is only going to get worse. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott "For example, if I'm talking to you and somebody does a voice over and it looks and hears just exactly, the technology is out there to put words into peoples mouth. Just like the technology is out there to put the tools out there so criminals are [...]

County Attorney and other local organizations aiming to raise awareness of sexual assaults

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Numerous local organizations are teaming up to shed light on sexual assaults with a series of events planned throughout April. Officials say they are aiming to break down barriers for victims by focusing on resources and support available locally during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says sexual assault cases are some of the most difficult to prove in the criminal justice system. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott "Because the typical case is one person's word against another. But there is much more that we can do beyond the criminal justice system. [...]

Caseloads up in 2017 for Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office

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The Annual report from the Blue Earth County Attorney’s Office is out as 2017 panned out to be a year of continuing trends and pursuit of prevention methods. In 2017, the Attorney’s Office dealt with over 5-thousand 600 cases, providing services for all eleven municipalities in the County. When looking at the caseloads, a growing Mankato metro plays in to the increase according to County Attorney Pat McDermott. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott "We also have the highest retails per-capita in the state. We are the youngest county in the state. We have that large college population and [...]

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