Women Get a Pay Raise in the New Monopoly Game

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Hasbro is launching a new version of their classic game where women earn more than men. In Ms. Monopoly women get $240 when they pass Go, while men get the standard $200. And to start the game the banker gives $1,900 in Monopoly Money to each female player and $1,500 to each male. There are other changes as well -- instead of buying real estate, like in the classic game, players invest in inventions and innovations made by women. There are also ride shares instead of railroads and WiFi instead of the classic Water Works utility. The game is available for [...]

North Kato sets .5% reduction in proposed tax rate for 2019, Tax Levy to total $6.9M

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North Mankato is moving forward with a .5-percent reduction in the tax rate for 2019 and has set the proposed Tax Levy for next year at nearly 6.9-million dollars. Finance Director Kevin McCann says the Nicollet County Auditor updated the City on property values, which shows were higher than originally estimated.  "So we said, we could lower the tax rate even further based on that increase, but we decided to just go back to the half-percent, have a little extra cushion available for some projects that have come up with the extremely wet summer. With Pierce Avenue, with the sewer repairs there [...]

With 61% of respondents not in favor, North Kato may phase in new water meters

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Sixty-one percent of respondents to a North Mankato questionnaire said they are not in favor of paying a monthly surcharge to allow for automatic water meter readers to be installed on homes, eliminating the need for residents to submit monthly readings. Some residents in favor of new automated meters commented that 'yes, yes, a million times yes', 'It's about time' and 'more likely to pay a fee for a meter made in USA!'. As for those in opposition, comments included 'City should pay for this', 'this is too much money for some and for the value of this service' and 'Why? [...]

Saint Peter grants six-month lease extension to Mankato Clinic at location on River’s Edge campus

By |2018-06-27T14:24:57-05:00June 27th, 2018|

The Saint Peter City Council has signed off on a recommendation from the River's Edge Hospital Commission to extend the lease for the Mankato Clinic, which uses neighboring space on the campus. The current lease for the Dermatology Clinic was set to expire next month, but a six-month extension was approved to allow the Mankato Clinic time to consider its options.  City Administrator Todd Prafke says the Mankato Clinic has a growing presence within Saint Peter. "Certainly the amount of procedures and other things that they do at the hospital has been growing. So the goal of this additional six months [...]

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