Katy Perry Releases Video for ‘Harleys in Hawaii’

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I gotta say...it's nice to have Katy Perry back in the limelight. Will this song make it to the Top 40? You be the judge. Check out KATY PERRY's new video, "Harleys in Hawaii". https://youtu.be/sQEgklEwhSo   SOURCE: VEVO

Katy Perry’s Secret to Good Health: Lots of Enemas

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Whatever happened to just working out?  You know, a little jog, some weights, a couple of squat thrusts?  These days, celebrities go to all kinds of weird places to stay healthy. KATY PERRY is into Ayurvedic medicine, an ancient Indian healing system that includes, quote, "lots of enemas." She says, quote, "You definitely feel more energy, it basically like gets all the crap out of you, every pun intended." https://www.instagram.com/p/Byz6pB5HAiQ/?utm_source=ig_embed SOURCE: DAILYMAIL

Taylor Swift Sent Katy Perry Cookies to Permanently End Their Beef

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It's been a year since TAYLOR SWIFT and KATY PERRY finally ended their beef, and now, Taylor has sealed it with a sweet gesture.  Literally. She and Katy had a girl's night recently, and Taylor brought COOKIES on a plate that said, quote, "Peace at last." Katy posted a photo of it online, and added, quote, "Feels good."  In the location tag, she wrote, "Let's Be Friends." https://www.instagram.com/p/Bylq5qjHUwj/?utm_source=ig_embed   SOURCE: TWITTER  

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