DNR’s 2018 roadside survey shows 36% pheasant population decrease in south-central Minnesota

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The Minnesota DNR says its 2018 roadside survey for pheasants showed a 19-percent increase in the overall pheasant index from 2017, except for the south-central region which saw a decrease by 36-percent from last year. The driving factor for the pheasant population continues to be weather and habitat. Late-season snowstorms and heavy rain in the spring is said to be the reason for a lower pheasant population in south-central Minnesota.  While the index is similar to the 10-year average, it is still 52-percent below the long-term average. This year’s statewide pheasant index was 45.5 birds per 100 miles of roads driven. [...]

DNR gathering data on good habitat for pheasant reproduction in southwest Minnesota

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Minnesota DNR Wildlife researchers are in the process of gathering data and studying nesting habits of ring-necked pheasants in southwest Minnesota to find out what makes a successful hatch. Southern region farmland wildlife population group researcher Lindsey Messinger says the study can help state land managers plant grass and flower mixes that help more than just pheasants.  “It has implications for other wildlife as well. So if we have good pheasant reproduction, we have good pheasant numbers in an area, the opportunity for hunters is there as well.” Researchers are using radio collars to locate nesting pheasant hens and study the surrounding [...]

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