A Girl Tries to Rescue a Squirrel in a Pool, But It Doesn’t Go as Planned

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A mom filmed her daughter using a chair to rescue a squirrel that was swimming inside their kiddie pool.  But it backfires when the squirrel scurries up the chair and bounces off the girl's chest and face. She freaks out, drops the chair, and takes off running . . . and the squirrel lands BACK in the water.   According to the post her arm was scratched, but she DID end up rescuing the squirrel. https://youtu.be/mDe6HQu3HfA   SOURCE: VIRALHOG

$2.2M project at Spring Lake Park Swim Facility given the green light

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An approximately 2.2-million dollar revamp of the Spring Lake Park Swim Facility in North Mankato has been approved to update the sand bottom pool that was constructed in the 1960's. Global Specialties was the lone bidder on the project and was awarded the contract. Improvements will resolve numerous structural and accessibility issues at the aging pool, along with a few new amenities. Spring Lake Swim Facility. Photo courtesy of the City of North Mankato. In October, the City Council rejected a 2.8-million dollar bid on the project from Global Specialties, which came in 959-thousand dollars over estimates from USA [...]

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