Prince’s family sues doctor who prescribed him pain pills

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The family of the late rock star Prince is suing a doctor who prescribed pain pills for him, saying the doctor failed to treat him for opiate addiction and therefore bears responsibility for his death two years ago. Prince died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl in April 2016. Authorities say Dr. Michael Schulenberg admitted prescribing oxycodone to Prince under his bodyguard's name to protect Prince's privacy, though Schulenberg has disputed that. The lawsuit in Hennepin County District Court alleges that the doctor and other defendants had the opportunity and duty during the weeks before Prince's death to diagnose his opioid [...]

Methamphetamine cases up from 2017, County Attorney says it remains the drug of choice in the area

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As Mankato grows, so do drug crimes. Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott says methamphetamine continues to be the drug of choice in the area. "We don't see the labs anymore. But the issue is supply and demand. You can go back to fifteen years ago and a pound of meth might cost ten twelve-thousand dollars. Today, because it's flooded in the market with the cartel coming up from Mexico and other areas, that same pound of meth will cost maybe two, three-thousand dollars on the street. So, it's readily available." Blue Earth County Attorney Pat McDermott Data from the [...]

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