Rainfall hampering farmers progress, crops still in good condition according to latest report

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The latest Minnesota USDA Crop Report shows that there were few days last week for farmers to catch up on fieldwork with plenty of rainfall across the state. So far this month in the backyard at the KTOE Studios we have received 8.40-inches of rainfall. The latest data shows topsoil moisture supplies are rated 71-percent adequate and 27-percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies around the state are 75-percent adequate. Nearly all of corn in Minnesota has emerged, with 88-percent of the crop in good to excellent condition. As for the soybean crop, 96-percent has emerged and 83-percent of soybeans are in good [...]

Farm Analyst: Despite heavy rainfall, much of the area has seen favorable growing conditions

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Heavy rains continue to impact southern Minnesota leading a considerable amount of standing water and ponding in area farm fields after storms over the weekend. So far this month in the backyard at the KTOE Studios, we have received 3.29 inches of rain. Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesee says some farmers in Blue Earth and Nicollet County have received closer to four or five inches of rain. Farm Management Analyst, Kent Thiesse. "Fortunately we've had a little cooler temperatures which does give the crop a little more time for the water to recede and the crop to recover. You know, [...]

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