Working on both sides of the aisle, colleagues honor Johnson during his last year in the House

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Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) gaveled in Tuesday's House Floor Session, in what is his last year serving District 19A. "What was kind of special to be real honest with you, I walked back through the Republican side of the aisle and so many of my Republican colleagues came forward to thank me and express their appreciation. When I came to St. Paul I was determined to be able to work with the Republicans and I think I've accomplished it." Four out of his six years in office, Johnson has had the last seat in the aisle and sat [...]

Minnesota House and Senate pass bill to tighten up campaign finance laws

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A bill that would make several changes to campaign finance laws is headed to Gov. Mark Dayton’s desk after passing on a vote of 123-0 on Wednesday in the House. Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) will retire this year, but says Minnesotans should be proud that the state requires lawmakers to provide information to the public on where financing comes from. "Of course it always begs the question about these other interest groups that don't have to share that information, which I think is a continuing problem. But at least we've got that foundation for elected officials and people running for [...]

Gunther says water quality issues a priority in Bonding Bill, Legislature continues to mull over projects

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Minnesota Lawmakers are eyeing a large bonding bill this session and considering Governor Mark Dayton’s proposal of 1.5-billion dollars for state public works projects. House Representative Bob Gunther (R-Fairmont) sits on the Capital Investment committee and says the main priorities in this year’s bill will be to fix water quality issues, address road projects and improve infrastructure at colleges and prisons.  "We don't know that total amount of bonding we're gonna have, I know the Governor is requesting 1.5-billion dollars, and that's after the biggest bonding bill ever last year. Which wasn't normally a bonding year, but we didn't have one [...]

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