Resident requests North Kato council to consider pool covers as a better option for safety

By |2018-07-24T14:37:40-05:00July 24th, 2018|

North Mankato is considering changes to current regulations when it comes to safety measures surrounding in-ground swimming pools after a resident requested the issue be reviewed. Current code requires pools to be enclosed by a six-foot fence, but Bryan Sowers said he is looking for residents to have the option of an ASTM certified automatic pool cover instead.  "The fence still has the risk because it's open. If you have a pool cover it's open as well and ASTM goes so far as to say, in the cases since 2015 when this technology became available and they changed the code, the [...]

Tobacco 21 approved in North Mankato, Mankato will make a decision later this month

By |2018-02-06T13:10:52-06:00February 6th, 2018|

Tobacco 21 has officially passed in North Mankato. On a vote of 3-1, the City Council adopted the policy which increased the purchasing age of tobacco from 18 to 21 but will not criminalize the activity. "Making this choice is a good thing to impact the youth of our community," said North Mankato resident Jeremy Kolars. The lone no vote was from Councilman Billy Steiner who said he despises cigarettes and smoking, but felt it is more of a state issue than a municipal issue. "If say North Mankato bans cigaretts, they can go across the bridge to LeHillier. They can [...]

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