Minnesotan’s can get REAL ID starting on October 1, have until 2020 to obtain

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Minnesotans can begin the process of obtaining a REAL ID compliant card on October 1, but Officials are stressing that residents have until 2020 to do so after the federal government granted an extension. "So nobody needs to come in on October 1. It would just be the folks that are renewing their license as part of their normal process, or maybe they've gotten a name change or have moved and need to update their address," says Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger. The extension means Minnesota residents can still use their standard license until October 1, 2020, [...]

Mankato Staff hosting open house to hone in on financial aspect of city projects with discussion on Community Investment Plan

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Mankato residents have the opportunity on Thursday night to give input on street, parks, utilities and facilities projects that are proposed for 2019 as City Staff develop the Community Investment Plan. Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms. The investment plan helps mold the financial piece for projects in the strategic plan and master plan, according to Deputy City Manager Alison Zelms. "We plan for a lot of things, being able to actually program them in financially is a challenge. So, the big aspect of the Community Investment Plan is we've either funded or planned over the next four years, ensuing, [...]

Election officials reminding voters to update registration, critical for those voting absentee

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Election Officials are urging area residents to get a head start on preparing for the general election on November 6. Blue Earth County Director of Taxpayer Services Mike Stalberger says voters should make sure their registration is current. "So if somebody has moved in the last couple of years, changed their name, or hasn't voted for a while or they are new to voting, we want to make sure that they get to MNvotes.org. That will get their status in place for anybody who wants to vote early by absentee, for anybody who wants to request us to mail them a ballot [...]

Y’s Club serves up corn for the 60th year to raise funds for programs at YMCA

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Metro residents ate all the corn they could on Tuesday night in support of local programs at the 60th annual Y's Club Corn Roast at Mankato West High School. YMCA Executive Director John Kind says funds from the event go to support a number of programs at the organization.  "It supports our Stride Program for young men, our mentoring programs, school-based mentoring, brother/sister program, it supports our youth sports programs. It just goes a long way to get kids to camp." Many of the programs are at capacity, which has led to expansion talks for a new YMCA on Mankato's east side. [...]

Business on Belgrade celebrates 10 years of Blues on Belgrade festival this Saturday

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It’s been ten years since the Business on Belgrade Association started Blues on Belgrade, an event that has become a big draw for music lovers and a way to attract business to downtown North Mankato. Jim Whitlock with Business on Belgrade says the inspiration behind starting the Association in 2004 was a 40-percent vacancy rate of storefronts in the business district. "I coined the phrase, it was turning into rats and weeds down there and that's not what I wanted," said Whitlock. "What I did was, I just went into every business and introduced myself and just said, after explaining what [...]

With 61% of respondents not in favor, North Kato may phase in new water meters

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Sixty-one percent of respondents to a North Mankato questionnaire said they are not in favor of paying a monthly surcharge to allow for automatic water meter readers to be installed on homes, eliminating the need for residents to submit monthly readings. Some residents in favor of new automated meters commented that 'yes, yes, a million times yes', 'It's about time' and 'more likely to pay a fee for a meter made in USA!'. As for those in opposition, comments included 'City should pay for this', 'this is too much money for some and for the value of this service' and 'Why? [...]

Solar Farm near Eagle Lake approved by County Board with added conditions for development

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A large solar farm development approximately two miles north of Eagle Lake has been given the green light, but not without some pushback and added conditions for the project from the Blue Earth County Board. The issue was tabled in June after nearby property owners expressed concern with the development at the corner of 604th Avenue and 223rd Street. A revised plan was submitted this week to address the setback of the solar farm and measures to block the view of the solar panels. The development falls within Commissioner Kip Bruender’s district and says landowners saw positive progress towards some compromise [...]

Twenty years later, looking back at F3 tornado that hit Saint Peter

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Thursday marks 20 years since an F3 tornado struck Saint Peter, causing more than 120-million dollars in damage and taking the life of a 6-year old boy. A total of 14 tornadoes touched down on March 29, 1998 and it still stands as the largest March outbreak in Minnesota. The Saint Peter tornado was on the ground for 18 miles and destroyed 400 homes in its path, including 60-million dollars in damage to Gustavus Adolphus College. Program Director at the time, Pete Steiner and other KTOE staff took numerous phone calls in the aftermath from residents who reported what they experienced [...]

North Mankato continues to monitor deer population, denies request for deer hunt

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Discussion about the deer population over the last 24 months in North Mankato has led to some changes, but Officials aren’t jumping into implementing drastic changes despite continued concerns from a citizen. Last week the Council voted down adopting a deer hunt request from resident Tom Hagen who has brought forward numerous complaints over the last year.  City Administrator John Harrenstein says they are trying to be responsive and responsible to concerns from residents. "Our Parks Department has made trips to the property in question on several occasions to analyze the situation and have a discussion with the resident." The Parks [...]

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