Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus ‘Old Town Road’ Video is Here

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"Old Town Road" is the biggest song in the country right now.  It's been at #1 for seven straight weeks.  It's hard to believe that the man behind it...LIL NAS X is only 20 years old.  And that he only spent $30 to record it. That's how much he paid to lease the beat, which he found on YouTube.  Then he spent about a month working on the lyrics.  He actually had to Google Western lingo, because he wasn't familiar with cowboy terminology. He says, quote, "It was the first song I genuinely formulated.  I was like, 'I gotta make it short, I [...]

Remaining portion of Blue Earth County Road 12 extension project to be finished by October

By |2018-09-06T16:40:20-05:00September 6th, 2018|

Rain has hampered progress on the Blue Earth County Road 12 project near the Justice Center and Prairie Winds Middle School, but Officials maintain the final segment of construction should be done before October. Earlier this summer the segment of County Road 12 from Carver Road to Highway 83 was opened, but crews haven't been able to make progress this week on the final segment from Carver Road to County Road 17. Blue Earth County Administrator, Bob Meyer. "We're hoping that that particular section will maybe be open within a month," said County Administrator Bob Meyer. "They will get these [...]

MnDOT to begin work on Monday in preparation for HWY 169 levee project

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Work begins Monday on the first phase of construction in preparation for the Highway 169 levee project, which will start in late August. The Highway 169 at Highway 14 crossover will see an overhaul of the roadway with new resurfacing of the pavement and lane modifications to accommodate traffic during the levee project. MnDOT District 7 Construction Project Engineer Dan Swanson says due to phasing, the crossover project had to be done separate from construction of the levee. "It'll be just one phase for this. It will be inside lane closures on 169, just north of the Highway 14 interchange. Then [...]

North 3rd Street in Saint Peter to see around $99,000 in improvements

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Saint Peter has signed off on a 99-thousand dollar project to improve North 3rd Street between Broadway Avenue and Chatham Street. City Engineer Jeff Domras says the segment of road is in poor condition as well as the curb and gutter.  "One of the main reasons for doing the project also was to improve the pedestrian ramp access for ADA accessibility in that. The project includes all that work, the city would be doing a portion of this work themselves. The low bidder for the project was Hoffman Concrete out of Mankato, they're about 4-thousand dollars below our estimate on the project." [...]

Saint Peter plans to seal coat 100 blocks in August

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Saint Peter is preparing to seal coat approximate 100 city blocks this summer. Public Works Director Pete Moulton says the project totals around 138-thousand dollars.  "We're gong to purchase about 52-thousand gallons of oil to put down before the pea rock is applied. This is a project where we coordinate with the contractor to lay the rock down. They come in with large distribution oil tankers and we do traffic control and load some rock for the contractor." Work on the seal coating will start in August.

Local road projects to start on Monday

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Two area road projects are set to begin on Monday. MnDOT announced that construction is slated to begin next week on Highway 22 from Beauford to Blue Earth County Road 15. Traffic will be detoured east on County Road 10 and north on Highway 83. Following that, work on the roundabout at Highway 22 and County Road 90 will start in May. This summer crews will also continue working on the Victory Drive Memorial Corridor project.  The Highway 169 project from Saint Peter to Le Sueur will also kick-off next week. MnDOT plans to make a plethora of improvements that include [...]

School officials propose plan to close Lincoln Drive to improve safety at Saint Peter Middle School

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Saint Peter School Officials are proposing a plan to improve safety at the Middle School that would close off Lincoln Drive to through traffic. Issues have surfaced this school year with now 5th through 8th grade students at the middle school and students are exiting the cafeteria on the street side during their lunch break. Officials hope closing a portion of the road would provide students with a safe crossing and an opportunity to make further improvements, as the district owns land on both sides of the street. The proposal would block off the road starting on the north and south [...]

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