GOOD DAY NEWS STARTER: A High School All-Girl Robotics Team Design Cost Effective Ventilators

By |2020-07-28T06:13:10-05:00July 28th, 2020|

Afghanistan doesn't have enough ventilators.  So an all-girl robotics team at a high school there came up with a new one that's cheap and easy to make... In the city of Herat, the Afghan Robotics Team of 7 young girls finished the design of an open-source, mobile ventilator that costs as little as $700—compared to the $20,000 needed to purchase a traditional model. The lightweight machine can be powered by batteries that can run for ten hours. They were among esteemed company, too, as their design was partially based on an MIT blueprint, and they received support and guidance from robotics experts [...]

Pizza in the Future!

By |2019-02-27T14:34:34-06:00February 27th, 2019|

Sooo this is the future... Pizza Hut is teaming with FedEx to explore the use of the FedEx SameDay Bot, a new robot delivery (end of the world is coming) device aimed to revolutionize delivery. During testing, the robot backed up existing delivery staff to improve efficiency. “Our success is built around the best-in-class experiences we provide to our customers,” said Nicolas Burquier, chief customer and operations officer, Pizza Hut, U.S. “As we look to advance our business and continue providing experiences that our customers deserve, exploring technology solutions that allow our team members to do what they do on an even greater [...]

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