Safe Routes to School program in Minnesota ranked 3rd overall in nation

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The Safe Routes to School National Partnership has ranked Minnesota's Safe Routes to School program the third best in the nation. According to the “Making Strides: 2018 State Report Cards on Support for Walking, Bicycling and Active Kids and Communities", 12.3-percent of K-8 students in Minnesota either walk or bike to school. The State scored 147 out of 200 points on the report card. Officials credit the ranking to the implementation of Complete Streets policies, establishing goals of lower walking and biking fatalities and an active statewide transportation plan. Over 300 schools in Minnesota have Safe Routes to School plans and [...]

MnDOT, schools prepare for National Bike to School Day on Wednesday

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Over 150 schools around Minnesota are signed-up to take part in the National Bike to School Day on Wednesday. Bike to School Day is part of the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program, which focuses on getting more students walking and bicycling to school. Safe Routes to School Coordinator Dave Cowan says tying the two together makes absolute sense. "Since 1969 when 48-percent of students were walking and bicycling to school, that's fallen to about 13-percent in 2007. So, MnDOT is excited to partner not just with the Minnesota Department of Health, but also with local public health [...]

Waseca and St. Clair receive funding from MnDOT for planning safe routes to school

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MnDOT has awarded 225-thousand dollars in Safe Routs to School grants and two area communities have receiving a portion of the funding for planning assistance. Sam Parker with Region Nine. The City of Waseca and the St. Clair School District were awarded grants on Tuesday. MnDOT received applications from more than 63 schools in the state and handed out 12 grants. Region Nine Development Commission Transportation Planner Sam Parker says the funding helps start the process to have community conversations about how to make walking and biking better. "We'll survey the parents. We will work with a committee of [...]

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