Safe Installed in the Fridge to protect Chocolate

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I live alone so I do not need to worry about this, but I could see myself doing this someday when I have a family. A guy named Dave Williams in Wales was tired of his fiancée, Stacey Lowe, eating his chocolate.  So he bought a see-through SAFE and used it to lock up his chocolate and other desserts inside the fridge! Stacey posted a picture of the fridge safe, and now it's going viral. By the way, if you want one of these fridge safes to pull the same move, you can get one on Amazon for $40. -  Stunt Monkey

Homestead Apartment fire causes $18,000 in damages, one person treated for smoke inhalation

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A fire on Sunday night at Homestead Apartments caused significant damage and one person was taken to the hospital. Mankato Department of Public Safety- Fire Commander Don Lehne says the incident was due to unattended cooking. "Residents there were notified by the alarms going off in the building and the occupants of the apartment, they were asleep at the time, but the alarm woke them up. So, the occupant grabbed an extinguisher and knocked the fire down and then they got out and fire crews came in and finished putting things out and vented the structure."  The fire was reported around 10:38 [...]

Opening of Hermann Monument in New Ulm delayed while officials conduct assessment

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The opening of the Hermann Monument for the season has been delayed as New Ulm officials work to conduct an assessment study and safety review of the structure.  The monument typically opens on weekends in May, but that has been postponed while a comprehensive historic building conditions assessment and report is done. The City has been awarded a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund and is beginning the first phase of the monuments restoration. The study is said to provide details on the future scope of work and restoration plan. Once the Hermann Monument is deemed safe, the [...]

Johnson calls for safe environment at legislature following review of sexual harassment allegations

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House leaders finished a review of sexual harassment allegations against Rep. Tony Cornish last week and lawmakers acknowledge there is still work to do. House Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato) says the goal is to create a safe environment for people who work in the legislature and for citizens who come to the capitol. Rep. Clark Johnson "It's critical that the legislature be a welcoming place, where everybody feels safe and is not subject to any kind of harassment. That's gotta be a goal for not only the workplace, but for the legislature to function. You know, what's happened [...]

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