There is a Shortage of Dish Soap, Consumers Everywhere Up in Arms

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Just kidding, other than people being slightly inconvenienced, there have been no reports of any real protests on this issue. Walmart has started posting signs however, that there is a supply shortage of dish soap which could remain off the shelves for weeks to come. Popular dish soap brands Dawn and Gain, are owned by a company called Procter & Gamble who has released a statement saying "We're aware that some P&G hand dish products may be harder to find at the moment. For a brief period, demand exceeded what we were able to supply, but this was temporary. We apologize [...]

Saint Peter working towards home rehab program for moderate income families, looking to improve housing stock

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Saint Peter and Minnesota Valley Action Council are teaming up to establish a Small Cities Development Program to help families make safety and basic improvements to their home. Funding for the program could be available in 2019 through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, with the potential to receive between 50-thousand to 100-thousand dollars to aid in the rehab of 20 homes. City Administrator Todd Prafke anticipates there will be interest in the program for moderate-income families to be able to make improvements that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  "The goal really is to improve housing [...]

Saint Peter considering sites for new fire station, could implement sales tax to pay for new building

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Saint Peter is moving into the next stage of developing a new fire station as it looks to gather more information on acquiring a new site and design of the building. Council members approved up to nearly 7-thousand dollars worth of additional work to gather data on specific sites that have been identified and to look at the design of the building, according to City Administrator Todd Prafke. The current fire station at 227 West Mulberry Street. "That work has to be done because all of that impacts what the cost is, how it's oriented, how much driveway you [...]

Saint Peter Food Co-op receives approval of mortgage subordination, paving way for $580,000 renovation

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The Saint Peter City Council has signed off on a recommendation by the Economic Development Authority to subordinate the current mortgage for a growing business that is looking to expand. In the process of securing a 500-thousand dollar loan from CCF Bank for a remodel, the request from St. Peter Food Co-op was approved by council members on Monday. It will be the second major renovation of the building along Highway 169, which underwent over 3.3-million dollars worth of improvements when the business relocated to the former Nielsen Chevrolet building in 2011. At that time, the council aided in financing the [...]

HWY 99 Minnesota River Bridge restoration complete, one of 24 bridge around state to see preservation

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The restoration of a historic gateway into the west part of Saint Peter is finalized as the community and MnDOT held a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the completion of the Highway 99 Minnesota River Bridge. "You know there's only about 200 bridges left in our system that are pre-1956. This is one of 24 bridges in the state that has been selected for preservation," said District 7 Engineer Greg Ous. "To be able to take that type of project on, it's different, it's new for us. It's not just run of the mill, the work that we do all the [...]

EDA approves mortgage move for Saint Peter Food Co-op to allow for renovation

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Saint Peter's Economic Development Authority signed off Thursday afternoon on refinancing that will allow for a nearly half-million dollar renovation of the St. Peter Food Co-op on Highway 169. Community Development Director Russ Wille says the improvements were prompted by changes in the industry.  "Their bulk sales are down, their deli sales are way up and their produce sales are way up. So, they're going to be doing a largely interior remodeling to expand the deli to increase the flow within the deli department. They're going to increase the size of their produce department. Then, because the millennials aren't necessarily buying bulk [...]

Saint Peter Council ok’s vacating portion of Lincoln Drive in front of Middle School to improve safety

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Saint Peter has approved the vacation of Lincoln Drive in front of the Middle School, a move meant to improve safety on the stretch of road between Broadway Avenue and West Grace Street. Flowing conversion of the former High School building into the Middle School last year, 5th through 8th grade students were exiting the cafeteria on the street side during their lunch break. Closing the portion of roadway is said to provide students with a safe crossing and allow for future improvements on both sides of the street, as the district owns the property on both sides of Lincoln Drive. [...]

Saint Peter to consider evaluation of ADA access in City

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Saint Peter City Council members will consider embarking on a 28-thousand dollar self-evaluation of pedestrian right-of-ways on Monday night in response to new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  Bolton & Menk, Inc. would conduct the study that looks to examine the condition of existing infrastructure in City right-of-ways, parks and public property. Officials will also evaluate current policies and practices related to public infrastructure to ensure that Saint Peter is not limiting accessibility or participation of users. If the self-evaluation were not complete, Officials say federal dollars for improvements could be withheld. Once the data is compiled, Bolton & Menk [...]

Tobacco 21 goes into effect today in Saint Peter

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The first Tobacco 21 regulation in the KTOE listening area officially goes into place Wednesday in Saint Peter. City Administrator Todd Prafke says he thinks it will be a change for people, but adds that it's likely more communities around Minnesota look at the regulation. "Just about everyone that's I've talked to on any side of this issue has said, or seems to believe, that if it was done on a wider geographic area, if it was regionally or statewide done, that that makes a lot more sense than community by community. I think that was part of the discussion of [...]

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