On Sale!

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POP QUIZ! If something that normally costs $100 is on sale for $80 and you buy it, did you save $20 . . . or spend $80? Answer: YOU JUST SPENT $80! This is so frustrating to me and I feel this new study might be the proof I need. The study found that the average adult spent almost $8,000 last year on stuff that was "ON SALE" . . . but, looking back at those things, they only think about half of them were actually good deals. Meaning... the rest was a waste of money!  I hate during check out [...]

Investigation into cocaine dealing leads to arrest of Mankato man, faces three Felony drug charges

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A complaint to Mankato Police that three men where dealing cocaine on the patio at a restaurant on East Walnut Street led the arrest of a Mankato man on Thursday. Authorities report the complainant observed a small plastic baggie containing a white powdery substance underneath a coaster on the table. An officer drove into the nearby parking ramp and found the three males. Police say 29-year old Anthony Alan Weingartz allegedly admitted that he was in possession of cocaine. According to the report, a search of Weingartz turned up four plastic baggies containing approximately 9.04-grams of cocaine along with 748-dollars in [...]

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