Mankato District enrollment to approach 8,500, 48 new teachers hired as school year starts next week

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Mankato Area Public Schools are preparing for the start of the new school year next week with plenty of new faces around the District. This week all teachers are participating in workshops and preparing for the school year, which begins on Tuesday for 9 through 12 grades and the first full district day is on Thursday, September 6. Superintendent Sheri Allen says across the district they have 48 new teachers this year. ISD 77 Superintendent, Sheri Allen. "You know, retirements, additions, people moving into other jobs when they're open. But we have a total of 115 new staff. So [...]

Area School Districts still struggling with gap in funding to provide special education

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Officials say the special education funding system in Minnesota is not keeping pace with rising cost to provide mandated services, resulting in major gaps in revenue and expenditures for many local districts. Special Education doesn't come cheaply, which is why the federal government in the 1970's mandated that 40-percent of the additional cost be funded, but it has never lived up to that threshold. ISD 77 Superintendent, Sheri Allen. As for the gap in the Mankato District, Special Education is underfunded by 5.9-million dollars a year due to only receiving 18-percent to cover costs, according to Superintendent Sheri Allen. [...]

Mankato man receives 2018 Bush Fellowship

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Mankato resident Abdi Sabrie has received a 2018 Bush Fellowship, one of 24 people selected by the Bush Foundation. Sabrie is a Mankato School Board member and also serves as an advisor for the TRIO program at South Central College. In conjunction with the recognition, he will receive up to 100-thousand dollars over the next one to two years to help drive efforts to diversify school boards, teachers and staff as demographics change in Minnesota. ISD77 Superintendent Sheri Allen has worked with Sabrie since 2015 and says he also plans to use the money towards education. Abdi Sabrie. "He [...]

Mankato Schools Superintendent: “we continue to work hard to look at safety”

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The issue of school safety has been on the minds of some families and officials in the Mankato Metro after last weeks shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. ISD77 Superintendent Sheri Allen says she has received phone calls from concerned residents following the incident that killed 17 students and faculty. "Unfortunately, the times are where they're at. We need to continue to work to keep our schools as safe as possible. I can't imagine that school community and the tragedy. You know, our students are amazing, they have great voices and perspectives. We continue to work hard to look at [...]

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