Front Step Package Thieves

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First of all, are we really calling these criminals "porch pirates"?   Ok. Well a story from St. Paul where a resident had a gift taken from their doorstep by a terrible person during the holidays, aka "porch pirate". It happened on Thursday, December 12 while at work, the thief not only stole their package but they also left a thank you note to rub it in. Yeah, they legit left a note saying "Thank you for the opportunity of stealing your package." The thief then signed the note, "The new owner of your package." This kind of thief is truly disgusting, [...]

Even Black Friday Deals Are Reruns

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I mean how legit is this line: "Just because a store is advertising a Black Friday deal doesn't make it a great deal." I hate when stores say you save so much money, only because they mark up their retail price so high. Then you think there may be some real deal on Black Friday. Well... According to a new study of this year's Black Friday ads, there are a lot of reruns from last year's Black Friday ads .and some of them are back at higher prices! The study found that 18% of the deals that major chains are advertising [...]

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