Elton John Played an Hour and a Half with Walking Pneumonia

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When you're 72 years old and the doctor tells you that you've got walking pneumonia, you stay home, right? Not ELTON JOHN. Young up and coming artist, please take note! Fans understand that you get sick, but many of do our jobs sick and tired. I'm not saying you have to go out and perform, but maybe give it a try. Elton John had a show to do in Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday, and he was determined to go through with it. And he was on his game. At least initially. Sadly, things started going downhill. About an hour and [...]

Next Monday Is One of the Top Days of the Year to Fake a Sick Day

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If your boss hears this and I blow up your plans, I'm sorry.  According to a new study, next Monday is one of the top days of the year to FAKE a sick day. The jobs website Zippia.com found the #1 day we pretended to be sick last year was the day after Christmas.  But the top ten is totally dominated by Mondays... 1.  December 26th. 2.  April 22nd, the Monday after Easter. 3.  January 2nd, right after New Year's. 4.  May 13th, the Monday after Mother's Day. 5.  July 8th, the first Monday after Independence Day. 6.  August 12th, also [...]

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