Tobacco 21 goes into effect today in Saint Peter

By |2018-08-01T14:00:12-05:00August 1st, 2018|

The first Tobacco 21 regulation in the KTOE listening area officially goes into place Wednesday in Saint Peter. City Administrator Todd Prafke says he thinks it will be a change for people, but adds that it's likely more communities around Minnesota look at the regulation. "Just about everyone that's I've talked to on any side of this issue has said, or seems to believe, that if it was done on a wider geographic area, if it was regionally or statewide done, that that makes a lot more sense than community by community. I think that was part of the discussion of [...]

North Mankato moves forward with Tobacco 21

By |2018-03-20T14:03:24-05:00March 20th, 2018|

North Mankato is pushing ahead with its ordinance on Tobacco 21. On a vote of 3-1, the City Council approved moving forward with raising the purchasing age from 18 to 21, despite a verbal agreement that the issue would be in conjunction with Mankato. But North Mankato passed the issue last month and Mankato failed to move forward. Mayor Mark Dehen has spearhead the initiative and was in favor of going ahead on Monday night. "Being sensitive to Mankato's situation and things that are arising both locally with Saint Peter and with the State, I would consider a recommendation that we [...]

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