DNR gathering data on good habitat for pheasant reproduction in southwest Minnesota

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Minnesota DNR Wildlife researchers are in the process of gathering data and studying nesting habits of ring-necked pheasants in southwest Minnesota to find out what makes a successful hatch. Southern region farmland wildlife population group researcher Lindsey Messinger says the study can help state land managers plant grass and flower mixes that help more than just pheasants.  “It has implications for other wildlife as well. So if we have good pheasant reproduction, we have good pheasant numbers in an area, the opportunity for hunters is there as well.” Researchers are using radio collars to locate nesting pheasant hens and study the surrounding [...]

Black bears spotted near Amboy and Courtland, DNR believes bear range is moving southwest

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Another black bear was spotted in southern Minnesota over the weekend, this time near Courtland. Photo courtesy of the Minnesota DNR. According to the DNR bear sightings database, the black bear was seen at 7:45 a.m. on Saturday along the Minnesota River near Nicollet County Highway 24. Traditionally the primary bear range has been in northeast Minnesota, but Southern Region Information Officer Dan Ruiter says the DNR believes the range is moving more to the southwest. "Now if you take a look at the number of sightings in south-central Minnesota, you have the one by Sleepy Eye, one by [...]

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