Crop Update: Standing rain in fields could lead to crop diseases, yields could vary this harvest

By |2018-09-05T16:46:42-05:00September 5th, 2018|

Crop progress was favorable over the last month for many farmers, but now many fields in southern Minnesota are wet or have standing water after heavy rains over the weekend While the September rains might not have the impact on crops that June rains had, Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says standing water can become an issue. "You can get a lot of stock diseases in corn and soybeans, so the plants will get weaker and then if we get some strong winds, as we usually do in the fall, tend to have more lodging and stock breakage. The other thing [...]

Crop report shows corn and soybean conditions decreased over last week

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The latest crop report from the Minnesota USDA shows that conditions for corn and soybeans decreased over the last week. Corn crop conditions fell slightly, to 77-percent good to excellent. Ninety-seven percent of the corn crop is at or beyond the silking stage, six days ahead of the five-year average. As for soybeans, the condition of the crop fell to 74-percent good to excellent from the previous reporting week. Ninety-five percent of soybeans across Minnesota have reached the blooming stage, that's four days ahead of average. Topsoil moisture supplies are 72-percent adequate, with subsoil moisture supplies at 69-percent adequate.

Rainfall hampering farmers progress, crops still in good condition according to latest report

By |2018-06-19T13:40:08-05:00June 19th, 2018|

The latest Minnesota USDA Crop Report shows that there were few days last week for farmers to catch up on fieldwork with plenty of rainfall across the state. So far this month in the backyard at the KTOE Studios we have received 8.40-inches of rainfall. The latest data shows topsoil moisture supplies are rated 71-percent adequate and 27-percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies around the state are 75-percent adequate. Nearly all of corn in Minnesota has emerged, with 88-percent of the crop in good to excellent condition. As for the soybean crop, 96-percent has emerged and 83-percent of soybeans are in good [...]

Farm Analyst: Despite heavy rainfall, much of the area has seen favorable growing conditions

By |2018-06-11T15:55:54-05:00June 11th, 2018|

Heavy rains continue to impact southern Minnesota leading a considerable amount of standing water and ponding in area farm fields after storms over the weekend. So far this month in the backyard at the KTOE Studios, we have received 3.29 inches of rain. Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesee says some farmers in Blue Earth and Nicollet County have received closer to four or five inches of rain. Farm Management Analyst, Kent Thiesse. "Fortunately we've had a little cooler temperatures which does give the crop a little more time for the water to recede and the crop to recover. You know, [...]

Crop conditions making progress with warm temps and timely rain

By |2018-06-04T16:22:24-05:00June 4th, 2018|

Monday's Minnesota USDA Crop Report shows corn planting is 98-percent complete, while 87-percent of the crop has already emerged. Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says the crop has made up a lot of progress with current conditions.  "If you look at Blue Earth, Nicollet, Waseca and Le Sueur County, right in the close in listening area here, crop conditions have really improved in the last two to three weeks. Most of our crop in the ground and the crop that is in the ground has really responded quite well because we've had adequate moisture. The rainfall amounts have really varied across [...]

Experts urging farmers in southern Minnesota to stay patient despite planting delays

By |2018-05-15T14:54:14-05:00May 15th, 2018|

Scattered thunderstorms last week prevented farmers in southern Minnesota from making planting progress, leaving producers to wonder if they need to move to earlier corn hybrids or switch their acreage to soybeans. For now, Agronomists are advising growers to stick with planting full-season corn hybrids for another few weeks in the southern portion of the state.  Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says his best guess is that producers will still try to plant crops in May. "The final planting date for corn in southern Minnesota isn't until May 31 and they may go to some earlier hybrids here as we move [...]

Concern over trade wars sparks conversation about affect it may have on Ag industry

By |2018-03-06T16:47:11-06:00March 6th, 2018|

President Donald Trump's plan to hike tariffs on steel and aluminum is raising concerns over trade wars as experts say the new regulations could hurt U.S. consumers, businesses and those in the Agriculture industry due to the potential for prices to rise. While it's nothing new that the Ag industry relies heavily on trade, Local Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says nearly 50-percent of soybeans are exported. "And our biggest export partner is China. Mexico is also up there pretty high. The same with corn, now we don't export as big of a percentage of corn as we do soybeans, probably [...]

Thiesse cautioning farmers considering reducing insurance with low crop prices, tight margins

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Crop prices are low and the prices won't likely move much in 2018. With profit margins tight for corn and soybeans in 2017, some producers only saw breakeven prices for corn. Farm Management Analyst Kent Thiesse says the big supply of crops makes it hard for movement to take place on prices. "You know we have seen a little short-term increase here, especially in soybean prices. But even corn prices. But again, it hasn't been a huge move." Farm Management Analyst, Kent Thiesse. Given the tight margins, Thiesse is cautioning farmers who are considering a reduction in crop insurance [...]

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