Mankato District still waiting to see if Gov. Dayton signs bills that would impact education funding

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With the legislative session coming to an end at midnight on Sunday, local school officials are still trying to sort out the fine details when it comes to funding. The Legislature passed two bills that would help schools pay for bulletproof glass, monitoring systems, secure entrances as well as mental health counseling. Lawmakers included 28-million dollars in a mammoth spending package and another 25-million dollars in the public works bill. Additional money for schools was included in several different bills, pulling from several different funding sources to help avert teacher layoffs and program cuts. Much of the 225-million dollar total came [...]

Area School Districts still struggling with gap in funding to provide special education

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Officials say the special education funding system in Minnesota is not keeping pace with rising cost to provide mandated services, resulting in major gaps in revenue and expenditures for many local districts. Special Education doesn't come cheaply, which is why the federal government in the 1970's mandated that 40-percent of the additional cost be funded, but it has never lived up to that threshold. ISD 77 Superintendent, Sheri Allen. As for the gap in the Mankato District, Special Education is underfunded by 5.9-million dollars a year due to only receiving 18-percent to cover costs, according to Superintendent Sheri Allen. [...]

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