Senate GOP proposes $825M for public construction

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Minnesota Senate Republicans are proposing to spend $825 million on public works projects with a heavy focus on infrastructure like roads and building repairs. The broad details of the bill released Wednesday fall largely in line with the House Republicans' own $825 million bonding bill. But both are roughly half the size of Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton's $1.5 billion proposal. It sets up a heated debate over borrowing between the governor and the Republican Legislature. Those bills are generally worked out in the final days of the legislative session. Lawmakers must adjourn May 21. Dayton has argued the time is ripe [...]

Area School Districts still struggling with gap in funding to provide special education

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Officials say the special education funding system in Minnesota is not keeping pace with rising cost to provide mandated services, resulting in major gaps in revenue and expenditures for many local districts. Special Education doesn't come cheaply, which is why the federal government in the 1970's mandated that 40-percent of the additional cost be funded, but it has never lived up to that threshold. ISD 77 Superintendent, Sheri Allen. As for the gap in the Mankato District, Special Education is underfunded by 5.9-million dollars a year due to only receiving 18-percent to cover costs, according to Superintendent Sheri Allen. [...]

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