Minnesota Lawmakers return to the Capitol on Monday following their week long break with many items still on the agenda.

One of the more important issues will be addressing tax conformity, according to the House Representative Clark Johnson (D-North Mankato).

“Because of the Federal tax changes, if we do nothing a lot of Minnesotans will see a tax increase. Some people say, well we should just fully conform with the Federal tax bill, if we do that even more Minnesotans will see a State tax increase. So if we’re going to avoid either of those scenarios, we’ve gotta look at those Federal tax changes in a Minnesota context.”

Rep. Clark Johnson

When it comes to addressing the issue, Johnson says he agrees with the Governors plan to provide Minnesota families with 319-million dollars in tax relief by cutting state income taxes for over 2-million residents.

“And at the same time stabilize the budget over the long-term, which is also a really solid good idea. Exactly how we do that, I don’t know. But I hope that the Republican leadership are on to those two strategies, because Minnesota families deserve it in terms of some tax relief. But equally important is that Minnesota needs a stable budget going forward. We’ve got a lot of new challenges coming, especially in health care. If we don’t address this now, we’re gonna be in trouble later on.”

This years Legislative Session ends on May 21.