The E. coli outbreak in romaine lettuce has sickened people in Minnesota.

Dr. Karlotta Medus with the State Department of Health said they are tracking ten cases in the state, following weeks of sicknesses in more than a dozen other states. She said, “Right now the recommendation is don’t eat lettuce that’s romaine lettuce that comes from Yuma, Arizona, or if you don’t know where it’s from you shouldn’t eat it.”

The cases are from both from the Twin Cities metro and Greater Minnesota counties, and officials say the majority are female. Three people have been hospitalized, and two developed hemolytic uremic syndrome — a potentially fatal complication that can include kidney failure.

Medus added that they are on the lookout for more potential cases and, “We also have a complaint hotline that people can call if they have symptoms that are consistent where they can report their illness and tell us what their symptoms are and what exactly they ate in the several days prior to their illness and we can look at that and look for cases that way.”

The hotline number to report potential E-coli is 877-676-5414.