As if the show The Bachelor isn’t already dramatic enough, the producers added 5 new contestants to Matt James’s season. You could probably guess how the original contestants reacted – not well.

Many of the original “OG” women didn’t think it was fair that these new women didn’t arrive on night one.  Some of these women were furious and were ready to ruin some potential relationships.

A couple of contestants named Victoria and Anna were ready to take charge and come after these new women. They set their eyes on a new contestant named Brittany. Brittany tried to steal Matt from
Anna while him and Anna were having a one on one conversation at the cocktail party. Throughout the season so far, Anna hasn’t had a lot of one on one time with Matt, so she was really looking forward to this moment. Brittany interrupts the two, which leaves Anna absolutely irate.

Anna then reaches out to Victoria and tells her that she has the suspicions that Brittany was previously an escort in Chicago before coming on the show. Anna happens to also be from Chicago, so when she received multiple messages from her friends telling her to “be weary of this girl” she was convinced the rumors were true.

Anna reached out to Brittany and asked her about the rumors, and Brittany’s reaction was in shock. She stated that those rumors were false and told Anna that she shouldn’t be talking about her like that to the other contestants.

Another contestant named Katie, heard all of this drama, and she wasn’t going to be a bystander. The episode leaves off as Katie going to Matt and telling him that there is some major bullying going on with some of the women. Katie never named any names, however, Matt said he is going to confront whoever started the drama and put a stop to it. Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see how this plays out on next week’s episode.